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About Us

The Insolvency Pracitioners of our firm are capable and have vast experience.  We are Insolvency Pracitioners in Centurion, Gauteng, who mainly specialize in Insolvency Law & Business Rescue & Creditor Comproses. 


We assist and advise private and corporate clients in regards to the Bankruptcy Laws of South Africa which is set out mainly in the Insolvency Act and the Companies Acts and regulations.

As Insolvency Pracitioners in Centurion, Gauteng in Pretoria, we act on behalf of creditors and liquidators in insolvency inquiries in terms of the provisions of sections 417 and 418 of the Companies Act.  Our firm offers the services of senior Business Rescue Practitioners and Insolvency Practitioners.

Insofar as we resort to litigation on behalf of clients as a last means of dispute resolution, we strive to reduce the risks associated with litigation as any litigation is costly and time consuming.  Our advice is therefore always focused on a positive result, whilst minimizing risk.  Where possible, we attempt to resolve disputes without having to resort to costly litigation.  However, litigation is part of our business environment and can very often not be avoided.  We are willing to enter into contingency fee agreements in terms of the Contingency Fees Act with clients in matters with reasonable prospects of success.  This is sometimes referred to as a success fee or a no win/no fee agreement.

We take up Appointment in Insolvent Estastes (Companies, Close Cporations, Individuals, Trust, Insolvent Deceased Estate) and Divorce Matter and Executors of Deceased Estates.

Our practice is broad and diverse.  It is dynamic, modern and abreast of the latest developments in law.

We specialize in :

We are committed to:

  • Creating long term friendships with our clients

  • Insisting on the highest ethical standards

  • Excellence

  • Understanding our clients businesses and needs

  • Aiming for continuous improvement and innovation in all our activities

  • Providing focused attention, optimal solutions and efficient implementation

  • Helping and promoting the lives of the disadvantaged

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